5–7, Irynynska Street

Fourteen-storied building was completed in 2005 year

  • Construction area — 6000 m²
  • Total building area — 26 236 m²
  • Number of apartments — 75
  • Number of places in the parking — 75

This is an angle building. Completing Irynynska Street it “turns” smoothly to Mykhaylivsky Lane decorating it as well. Constructed in the modern style but preserving the architectural elements typical for the neighbor houses, this building became a modern part of this historical place.

The street is situated in the historical part of the capital and its name concentrates almost thousand years’ history of Kyiv. In the 11th Irynynskyi monastery was built here, which was destroyed during the invasion of Batu Khan. Under the current name the street emerged in the 1940s and during 1938–1944 it had the name of the French socialist leader Jean Jaures.

Short and calm, it is located near Volodymyrska Street, National Opera House, Golden Gate, Sofyiska Square and Mykhaylivska Square — places associated with Kyiv.