5, Klovsky Descent

Twenty-storied building was completed in 2003 year

  • Construction area — 2000 m²
  • Total building area — 20 296 m²
  • Number of apartments — 69
  • Number of places in the parking — 69

Since in this zone there are modern buildings the residential complex is constructed observing the company style. It offers all the conditions for comfortable life of the inhabitants and has a well-attended surrounding area.

Klovskyi Uzviz took its name from Pechersk tract of Klov — one of the historical places of Kyiv. In the ancient times there was Klovskyi stream running here that flew into the Lybid River. In the 11th century, during the times of Kyiv Rus the Klovskyi monastery was constructed here, which was destroyed in 1240 by the hordes of Batu Khan.

The construction in this area started in the first half of the 19th century. Historically, Klov together with Lypky, Zvirynets and Dnipro slopes belong to Pechersk — historical and cultural center of Kyiv Rus and administrative center of the modern Kiev.