Zhytlobud company style

Since 2005 Kyiv lives the times of the constructional boom. Not only the exterior and interior of the building change, but the whole architectural philosophy. With people's welfare growing the need in modern and well-equipped offices, hotels, administrative buildings, quality and comfortable dwelling is increasing.

Zhytlobud company is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian modern house construction market. Founded in 1996, the company did not only grow and became stronger but also gained authority and respect of its customers. Currently the company employs about one thousand persons. The activities of the company and its employees was acknowledged though numerous state prizes and diplomas.

  • Group of employees of the Company were recognized the prize winners of the State prize of Ukraine in the sphere of Architecture for the residential complexes on 14 Bekhterevskyi Lane in 2000 and 13-19, Kudryavska Street in 2001.
  • In 2002 at the exhibition and competition "Build Techno — 2002" the Company was recognized the best building company of the VIP dwelling.
  • In 2005—2006 following the request by Kyiv municipal state administration the reconstruction with partial restoration of the "Okhmadet" hospital complex belonging to the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine was performed. In 2007 this project won a prize in the competition arranged by the Ministry of the Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine for the buildings constructed in 2006. Five employees of the Company received the Honorable Diplomas.
  • In 2006 Zhytlobud received the Honorable Sign from the Kyiv City Council for its considerable contribution into the municipal budget of Kyiv.
  • In 2007 Kyiv City Mayor awarded the team of the Company with the Honorable Diploma for the conscionable fulfillment of its tax obligations.

The guarantee of the company's success is its striving for quality and beautiful construction, creative approach, consideration of the world standards and maximum leveraging of own capabilities through involvement of the Ukrainian specialists, use of Ukraine-made materials and equipment.

Kyiv is a European capital, the city of economic, cultural, tourist and other connections, therefore these services have to meet the world standards.

We strive to preserve the historical trend and the architectural style of the part of the city where we construct a building.

We do not just build at a separate territory, but we "insert" a building into a particular street, specific area trying to make it look well and at the same time attempting to adjust the architectural solution to the existing style of the old architecture, and we succeed in these endeavors. Keeping the general company style each building has certain peculiarities, which make it a unique one. Our architects and builders care about the future of Kyiv and its inhabitants striving to make each building a stylish decoration of the city.

The company performs construction mostly in the central parts of the city, which already have the established architecture. This laid basis for the particular style of Zhytlobud company.Nowsdsy in the condition of economy deceleration company stably works on building of the objects.