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Hi there! LETS MAKE OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE! My perfect match should be sure of herself and what she wants. I am looking to eventually love someone, but I am willing to take the time to get there. My match will hopefully have this in mind as well and be honest if she doesn't. I'm definitely not looking for someone who wants to date as many men as possible.I want substance for sure. A woman who is loving, and is comfortable with affection as well. My match should definitely be able to support and take care of herself, and have life figured out in a way. Not perfect, but at least have an idea of what this life takes.She should take care of her health, be mindful of others and be capable of handling stress/conflict in a positive way. Good looking is a plus too! Elisabeth Sheff, a sociologist and author of The Polyamorists Next Door, who has been studying polyamorous families for a decade, says there were groups in the US practicing free love as an alternative to monogamy as early as the s.

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It has a vinyl coating and is easy to clean. The lounger even comes with a 16 qt cooler that easily attaches right to the raft. Sign Up for Our Newsletter:.

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